Hooked on Meditation

Guest post by Deborah Grossman

About a year ago, I was chatting with a friend and she mentioned that she had started meditating. She told me how meditation helped to manage her stress level and emotions. I was intrigued. So the next day I took the plunge and signed up for the Headspace app’s free 10-day Basics pack. When I finished the pack, I was ready for more. I was hooked. To this day, I meditate 20 minutes each morning (or most mornings depending on my schedule!). Meditation may not be for everyone, but if you’re interested in learning about the benefits, read on. And perhaps, you too will take the plunge!

So here are 5 ways in which meditation has changed my life:

  1. I feel grounded and centered. After meditating, I feel an overall sense of calm in my mind and body. I feel ready to face each day and any challenges that may come my way.

  2. I am more self-aware and have changed the way I identify with emotions. When meditating, it’s common to get distracted (the mind is always thinking!). When I realize I’m distracted, I ask myself, “Is it a thought or a feeling?” Then I let go of the distraction and return to my breath. Throughout the day, I use this noting technique to bring me back to whatever I’m doing. This technique also helps me confront any emotions that arise. Instead of saying “I’m stressed” or “I’m anxious,” I say “it’s stress” or “it’s anxiety” and then I let the feeling go.

  3. I am even more productive than before. When I meditate, I focus on my breath and how my mind and body feel in the moment. Similarly throughout the day, I try to filter out any external noise and concentrate on the task at hand.  

  4. I am more focused on the present. I used to think about past decisions or worry about the future. But I’ve come to realize that the only thing I have control over is the present moment. This is a simple yet profound truth.

  5. I appreciate the simple joys. I try to find happiness and gratitude in the little things like enjoying my morning cup of coffee, chatting with a friend, seeing a sunset or watching an episode of my favorite television show. When meditating, I am taking time for myself and I’m grateful for this opportunity.

So if this blog post has piqued your interest in meditation, just know that it takes time to reap the benefits. But trust me, it’s totally worth it!

Deborah Grossman is a marketing professional. She loves yoga, pilates, meditation, reading and traveling. You can follow her @deborah_grossman on Instagram.